Danville Fighting COVID is commmitted to supporting the Black Lives Matter movement. See what we're doing to help
Pictured above from left to right:
Ameesh Daryani, Andrew Hanze, Elliot Danko, Lily Glantz, Zachary LeClaire, Marlee Meek, Vikram Gopalan, Kanishk Gupta, Radhika Gawde, Lucien Martin, Landon Mello, Alexander Gusev, Lauren Batza, Spencer Level, Nadav Meiri
Those not pictured above who are also instrumental to DFC are:
Karim El-Refai, Shravya Gupta, Sage Ikeda, Saneel Khairnar, Ira Gupta

Danville Fighting COVID is a volunteer group supported by FRC Team 1280.

Danville Fighting COVID was founded on April 9th, 2020.

  • Completely led and run by students
  • Operating in Danville, San Ramon, and Alamo

Mission Statement:

Danville Fighting COVID is proud to be an entirely student-led initiative founded in Danville, San Ramon, and Alamo in order to help mitigate the effect of COVID-19. We are on a mission to rally the local maker community to produce Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for hospitals in both the local Tri-Valley Area and the greater San Francisco Bay Area. We are dedicated to supporting local healthcare workers by tapping in to the wealth of resources available within the Tri-Valley area, with a new focus on assisting lower income, minority, and underserved communities within the Greater Bay Area.


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Community Commitments

Our primary collected item is 3D-printed Face Shields as they provide safety to medical care workers.

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We also collect face masks to help protect essential workers.

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